Installer un serveur FiveM sur un VPS (Debian/Ubuntu)

Mettre à jour le VPS

apt update

Créez un utilisateur pour accueillir votre serveur et connectez-vous.

adduser gta
su gta

Téléchargez le script d’installation


Extraire le script.

apt install xz-utils && tar xvfJ fx.tar.xz && rm fx.tar.xz

Installation de CitizenFx.

apt install git -y && git clone server-data

Création du fichier server.cfg.

nano server.cfg

Copiez le contenu suivant dans le fichier :

# Only change the IP if you're using a server with multiple network interfaces, otherwise change the port only.
endpoint_add_tcp ""
endpoint_add_udp ""

# These resources will start by default.
ensure mapmanager
ensure chat
ensure spawnmanager
ensure sessionmanager
ensure basic-gamemode
ensure hardcap
ensure rconlog

# This allows players to use scripthook-based plugins such as the legacy Lambda Menu.
# Set this to 1 to allow scripthook. Do note that this does _not_ guarantee players won't be able to use external plugins.
sv_scriptHookAllowed 0

# Uncomment this and set a password to enable RCON. Make sure to change the password - it should look like rcon_password "YOURPASSWORD"
#rcon_password ""

# A comma-separated list of tags for your server.
# For example:
# - sets tags "drifting, cars, racing"
# Or:
# - sets tags "roleplay, military, tanks"
sets tags "default"

# A valid locale identifier for your server's primary language.
# For example "en-US", "fr-CA", "nl-NL", "de-DE", "en-GB", "pt-BR"
sets locale "root-AQ" 
# please DO replace root-AQ on the line ABOVE with a real language! :)

# Set an optional server info and connecting banner image url.
# Size doesn't matter, any banner sized image will be fine.
#sets banner_detail ""
#sets banner_connecting ""

# Set your server's hostname
sv_hostname "FXServer, but unconfigured"

# Nested configs!
#exec server_internal.cfg

# Loading a server icon (96x96 PNG file)
#load_server_icon myLogo.webp

# convars which can be used in scripts
set temp_convar "hey world!"

# Remove the `#` from the below line if you do not want your server to be listed in the server browser.
# Do not edit it if you *do* want your server listed.
#sv_master1 ""

# Add system admins
add_ace group.admin command allow # allow all commands
add_ace group.admin command.quit deny # but don't allow quit
add_principal identifier.fivem:1 group.admin # add the admin to the group

# enable OneSync (required for server-side state awareness)
set onesync on

# Server player slot limit (see for limits)
sv_maxclients 48

# Steam Web API key, if you want to use Steam authentication (
# -> replace "" with the key
set steam_webApiKey ""

# License key for your server (
sv_licenseKey la clef

Démarrer le serveur.

bash /home/nomdecompte/ server.cfg


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